Max Ent

Max Ent conference provides a meeting place constituting discussions on wide variety of topics on Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering. Topics range from foundations of probability theory, information theory, and inference and inquiry to astronomy and astrophysics, genetics, geophysics, medical imaging, material science, nanoscience, source separation, particle physics, quantum mechanics, plasma physics, chemistry, earth science, climate studies, engineering and robotics.


          o Max Ent 2010
            Grenoble, FRANCE
          o Max Ent 2009
            Univ. of Mississippi, USA
          o Max Ent 2008
            Sao Paolo, BRAZIL
          o Max Ent 2007
            Saratoga Springs NY, USA
          o Max Ent 2006
            Paris, FRANCE
          o Max Ent 2005
            San Jose CA, USA
          o Max Ent 2004
            Garching, GERMANY
          o Max Ent 2003
            Jackson Hole WY, USA
          o Max Ent 2002
            Moscow ID, USA
          o Max Ent 2001
            Baltimore MD, USA
          o Max Ent 2000
            Paris, FRANCE
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